Focus Seller Connect

Dashboard for inventory management

Gain an in-depth, real-time view into key supplier, inventory and shop floor performance indicators. Self-service capabilities for partners, vendors and customers improve collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. With Focus Digit, you’ll be able to better manage inventory levels and costs—and better meet fulfillment expectations, improving customer service.

  • Recount the inventory
  • Match the units of measure
  • Verify the part number
  • Look for missing paperwork

Centralized product cataloguing and listing

We all have reasons to catalog various items. Whether you have a small business with an inventory you need to keep track of or if you have an overwhelmingly large collection of software or book – there is a need for cataloging. With Focus Digit, product cataloguing and listing is no more a problem for you now.

  • Product listing
  • Cataloguing
  • Easy management
  • On hand information

Orders, finance and inventory reconciliation

Inventory reconciliation is an extremely important part of cycle counting, since the warehouse staff uses it to continually update the accuracy of its inventory records. Inventory record accuracy is needed to ensure that replacement items are ordered in a timely manner, that inventory is properly valued, and that parts are available for sale or production when needed. With Focus Digit, inventory reconciliation is no more a problem

  • Examine scrap
  • Investigate possible customer ownership
  • Investigate possible supplier ownership
  • Investigate back flushing records
  • Accept the variance


Focus Digit understands the importance of analytics in running any business. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we have tools that will help you in analyzing the business from all perspectives.

  • Sales report
  • Performance statistics of SKU’s
  • Payment reconciliation report
  • Return order report
  • Geographical sales analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Sales through report