Online Selling Management

How to Sell Online

We manage your online selling with the following services


Many sites

We have an access to many sites catering to all the kinds of products and will match you with the sites most suitable to your business needs.


Select Sites

We help you select the most suitable sites to sell your product in the most suitable market


Different Product Focus

We keep in mind the nature of product we are working on and customize each of our online selling management ideas according to the particular product


Negotiate Contracts

We negotiate contracts for you making sure you make the most out of your business online

Negotiate Contracts

We have an experienced team of negotiator to get you the most suitable deal

Negotiate Terms

We have an experienced team of negotiator to get you the most suitable deal

Online Account Management

We register and manage your online accounts making sure you make efficient use of your time

Product Catalogue

We help you design and finalize your product catalogue

Identify attributes

We help you identify attributes for your products that will increase your online sales


We make the most out of your product by shooting and capturing the best images to provide maximum exposure

Create Content

Our content development team will create the most attractive and mesmerizing content that will attract customers to buy your product

Order Fulfillment Process

Focus Digit helps you automate your systems and provide you the best solutions for

Shipping & Logistics

Solutions for logistics and shipping problems will help you save money and increase your business

Inventory Management

We manage your inventory through state of the art inventory management solutions freeing you of all the hassle of managing inventory across channels

Order Tracking

Offering services for order tracking