Our Team

Abhi Sharma

MBA, B. Tech: 10+ Years of rich experience with growth start-­‐ups and consulting assignments across globe with multiple fortune 500 organizations. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Business Operations and Strategy. He comes out very strong while talking of business, and always lead by examples Knows every single Food joint of Delhi where you can satisfy your taste buds, but restricts himself to boiled vegetables. Asides to 4P's of Marketing he is also expert in "P"oker and "P"ool Table too. is a traveller, has done bag-packers trip across UK, Ireland and European League, but lately hasn't taken up any trip for a while.

Aditya Aggarwal

Master of Science(Elec. Engg.), B. Tech: 10 years global experience in technology consulting for many Fortune 500 companies. A self-­‐motivated person with excellent understanding of clients business needs.

Amol Kalra

MBA, B. Tech: Product Manager for CRM products. Consulting and Implementation experience across US and other countries. Travel enthusiast. IIT Bombay Alumnus.

Tanisha Chawla

From Industry Research at McKinsey and Company to Market Research at Quantum Consumer Solutions, then going on to starting her own venture as a Home Baker to finally becoming an online vendor Tanisha brings with her a diverse set of skills. She has built an expertise in the e-commerse space and keeps trying her hand at selling various quirky home furnishing/decor products. Besides being a serial entrepreneur and part time free lancer/consultant, Tanisha spends her spare time playing drums and is a movie aficionado.

Sushant Gurnani

MS (University of Southern California) B:Tech : 10+ Years of experience across the United states in Big technology firms. Has a strong grip over technology and business operations and is always updated. He is the Go to guy for team and always has answer for any problem. Won't speak much but knows exactly what to pitch in and where. He balances work and social engagements very well.He is a vivid traveler too and frequently visits places. He can hardly resist street food and is frequently spotted enjoying it.